New contemporary
jewelry initiative in Kazakhstan
About our project
The word “Syldyr” is translated from Kazakh as “ringing” and is referring to the melodic sound of traditional Kazakh hair jewelry makes when its owner moves, while also protecting the wearer from evil spirits.

As part of the project, we plan to hold meetings with artists, workshops and lectures that will contribute to the development of contemporary jewelry in Kazakhstan.

The Syldyr project will curate the first exhibition of conceptual jewelry in Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital. It's focused on the development of contemporary jewelry art field in Kazakhstan and brings together international artists working in this medium.
Treasure Island
Our first exhibition will open on September 19, 2024.
“Treasure Island” exhibition’s main theme - use of non-traditional materials in jewelry, and its main goal - introduce the field of conceptual jewelry to Kazakhstan audience.

The venue of the exhibition is Forte Kulanshi Art Space gallery which is actively engaged in the activities of modern art starting from 2008 and for the first time - in the area of conceptual jewelry.
'Syldyr' project together with forte kulanshi art space gallery presents
Conceptual jewellery
on September 19, 2024


8/1 Dostyk street, Astana, Kazakhstan

"Treasure Island"
Date: 19 September - 1 November 2024
8/1 Dostyk Street, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation,
010000 Astana, Kazakhstan
mob.: +7 702 510 57 20
Meet our team
An artist, curator and a founder of Syldyr project
Zhanna Assanova
Having taken part in international projects in contemporary jewelry area, such as NY Jewelry week, Munich jewelry week, I realized how important it is to present conceptual jewelry art to Kazakhstan audience! Following the motto “If you can’t join it - lead it”, I made up my mind and started a project that will unite contemporary jewelry artists in Kazakhstan.
Syldyr project’s jewelry consultant
Katia Rabey
Katia is a jeweler by profession and education, co-curator of such projects as “9 March Project” and “Overreacting” (Israel) and a founder of Rabeyka brand. Katia is a contemporary jewelry enthusiast, she doesn’t just practice jewelry craft, but approaches it theoretically as well, being an author of publications in “Art Jewelry Forum”, “Klimt02”, and “Fashion Theory”. In our project Katia is consulting us on exposition decisions and communication with foreign participants.
Independent artist, researcher
Yevgenia Kazakova
Participant of international exhibitions and competitions. Her civil position - support and keeping Kazakhstan cultural heritage. She is an art consultant and designer in “Syldyr” project.
YOUR application
deadline is - May 1st, 2024
July 1st, 2024 is deadline for works to be sent to Astana (Kazakhstan).
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